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This interactive map visualizes data from the 2021 community led Point-in-Time (PIT) count of unsheltered homeless adults in Hollywood as well as data from the (2016-2020) Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) PIT counts. The map shows raw and weighted count data without interpretation. Context and methodology of the 2021 community PIT can be found here, summary of results here, and detailed technical white paper here.

The yearly (excl. 2021) PIT and analysis conducted by LAHSA is a sophisticated statistical product that will not be reflected exaclty by the tallies in this viewer. For the most accurate community reports, please refer to the individual LAHSA SPA reports (e.g. 2020 SPA-4 Report) and LAHSA's official data site. LAHSA's tract-level PIT data are publicly available but omit counts for certain vulnerable populations (TAY/Youth) which are tabulated using methods external to the yearly street count. In Hollywood, the 2021 counters counted 7 TAY following LAHSA's PIT methodology which have been added to the individuals total. Any discrepancies are minor and the tallies in this viewer accurately reflect the scale and geographic distribution of the unsheltered population.


2021 Community PIT raw data